Pole Classes

Intro to Pole – Pole Virgins

This is the start of your pole journey. After the warm-up, you will learn basic spins, sexy dance transitions, and floor work. By the end of class, you will have learned an entire routine! Learn at your own pace and take this class as often as you like.

Pole – I (Basics & Sequences)

In this class, you will receive your first “achievement card”. These cards help you keep track of what you are learning. This class introduces more spins and floor work and introduces combo spins and moves.

Pole – II (Sequences & Choreo)

You’ll take your spins, floor work, dance transitions, and pole moves to the next level in this class. You will learn “push-pull” moves, “lifted” moves, pole poses, and the basics of climbing and inverting!

Pole – I & II (Combo Class)

This class will start with a warm-up and will have a curriculum that is appropriate for Level 1 wanting to Level UP to 2 and for Level 2 wanting to level up into Level 3.

Pole – III (Moves & Combos)

Your upper body and core are now ready for pole combos and strength moves including one-handed spins. You will learn more intricate dance moves, floor work, and transitions. This class also takes your climbing and inverting to some amazing combos!

Pole – III Plus (Intermed/Adv)

Your upper body and core are now ready for pole combos and strength moves including one-handed spins. You will learn more intricate dance moves, floor work, and transitions. This class also takes your climbing and inverting to some amazing combos!

Pole – IV (Adv Skills)

Now you are ready for more controlled moves, power spins, and combos. Fluidity and transitions are a focus for enhanced flow on the pole. Drops, aerial combos, shoulder mounts, and more are learned.

Pole Silks

This beautiful art form is on our spin poles with silks attached to the pole. You will learn beautiful movements and fluid movement with this free-flowing pole class & silks.

Pole Transitions

This class will focus on a variety of ways to get into and out of moves. Our instructor will not only “show” you, but will “teach you” how to recognize your body’s placement for a continuous flow from one move to another. Must have a SOLID INVERT AND CLIMB TO TOP.

Master Climbs & Inverts

This class is focused on perfecting your climbing and inverting skills. Regardless of where you are with these skills, you will get conditioning work to get you to the next level of climbing and inverting and will be taught the progression of each level of climbs/inverts.

Open Pole Practice

Need more time to practice what you learned in class? This is the class for you. The instructor will assist with perfecting your moves and earning more sign-offs on your achievement cards.


This class explores all aspects of the relationship between dance, pole, choreography, movement, and more. A very creative and fun class that offers the exploration of emotion through dance routines.

Sexy Stilettos

Each class will begin with a warm-up while wearing the heels to help prepare your legs and ankles for practicing various footwork techniques. New choreography will begin every 3-4 weeks pending on how long each routine is. This choreography will range from slow and sexy to fast-paced and sassy! We will use a combination of spins, unique transitions, fun, and flowy floorwork.

Belly Dance Pole Fusion

This class combines Belly dance with the strength and grace of pole dancing. We will focus on a combination of fluid, snake-like movements as well as pops, locks, and shimmies. Combine this with Pole and an amazing Fusion is created.

Chance to Dance

This class focuses on learning how to move your body to the music. Anything from slow and sultry, burlesque to exotic dance. Sometimes you will even learn Chair Dance Routines, with and without a pole.

Elevating Exotic Heels

This is a higher level "heels" class where a solid climb is required to attend. You will learn different dance and poles moves in heels as well as take your dance "UP" the pole! Choreography, routines and sequences - you will get it all in this class.

RockStar Heels

Get ready for a cardio workout dance class! You will learn unique heels transitions and floorwork. You will learn musicality through heels-based choreography. While playing either rock or metal music, Katie will teach you how to move with the music “on beat” and even how and when to use “slow movement” to compliment your choreo with a faster-paced song.


Non-Pole Classes

Floor Flow & Fluidity  

Get even sexier when this class teaches you to take your skills from the pole to the floor!  Floorwork is an element that ties so many amazing pole combinations together to create a cohesive and complete body flow of movement and sensuality in your dance.  It’s sexy, fun, and a great workout.

Bodacious Buns  Workout

Are you ready to reshape your buns, hips, and thighs? If so, then this class is for you! Bodacious Buns is super-focused on lifting, firming, and rounding your buns with strategic sculpting routines.

HIIT Cardio Dance

Need some extra conditioning to build your strength and endurance on the pole? Well, this class is for you. This fun and creative strengthening class includes some partner work, gymnastics type exercises, core work on exercise balls, and more. All ending with a nice stretch.

Deep Stretch YOGA   

Increase your flexibility, strength, alignment, and coordination. Students will learn to connect to their breath and movements as they flow into each pose. Lots of hands-on instruction to ensure proper alignment in this class. Bring a yoga mat!

Stretch for Flex

You’ve worked hard in your other classes… but let’s not forget to stretch those muscles.  This class will increase flexibility and help to prevent injury while allowing your body to recover and become ber.

Acro & Balance Basics

You will learn many gymnastic moves that will enhance your pole experience and up your game! The goal is to help you to execute handstands, forearm stands, headstands, forward and backward rolls safely. Hand Balancing techniques at its finest.

Leah’s Express Boot Camp 

We call this our Dirty 30 Boot Camp. This 45-minute class includes a 15 min. warm-up and stretch… then we get down and dirty for 30 minutes of full-body exercise circuits. Upper body, core, legs, and cardio. No equipment needed for this amazing VIRTUAL Class offering.

Ballet Barre Conditioning

Ballet is the core fundamental for all dance. This conditioning class uses ballet barres with ballet dance and techniques to build overall strength, balance and flexibility in a safe, low impact way.

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