Instructor Certification


PoleFit Carolinas offers a 3-day intensive program which covers the most important aspects of becoming the highest quality Pole Instructor. Our studio has certified many local Charlotte Pole Instructors that are now working in other studios. Our program is thorough, interactive, and includes “role-play” with practical scenarios. There is a practical exam and written exam. All successful graduates receive a framed certificate for their achievement which can be used to land teaching positions in other studios or gives you the knowledge and ability to teach safely on your own or work for the #1 Pole Studio – US!

Graduates wanting to teach with PoleFit Carolinas must be a member for a minimum of 3-6 months, depending upon pole level experience. You do not have to be an advanced poler to take our Pole Certification Program.

After passing our Pole Certification, internal graduates move on to our “Intern Instructor Program.” This portion of training includes co-teaching in a variety of classes to a point where you are teaching a full class on your own. You will also participate in pole parties, Mindbody training, and any customized training needed. Submission of a “Signature” class that you would like to offer is accepted at this time as well.

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