Instructor Certification


PoleFit Carolinas offers an intensive program that covers the most important aspects of becoming a high-quality pole instructor. Our studio has certified many pole instructors that are now working in other local studios, as well as our own. Our program is thorough, interactive, and includes a 3-day in-person intensive, a written exam, an intern program, and a practical exam.

· During the 3-day intensive, expect a lot of hands-on training. All trainees will meet in-studio for three consecutive five-hour days. During our intensive, we will cover the aspects of a proper warm-up and cool-down, the fundamental principles of pole dancing, how to teach in a classroom environment, basic anatomy, and proper spotting techniques. This portion of the training will include “role-play” with real in-class scenarios, followed by a written exam.

· The written exam consists of short answers and multiple-choice questions and is designed to test trainees’ knowledge of pole fitness (grips, spins, poses, etc.) and classroom safety. A passing grade is required to move on to our Intern Instructor Program. Each trainee will be given two opportunities to pass the written exam per training session.

· The Intern Instructor Program includes observing classes, shadowing instructors, co-teaching, and finally, leading a class with an instructor shadowing you. The Intern Instructor Program requires at least 25 hours of interning, which takes approximately 3 months to complete. By the end of your internship, you should have the necessary experience to be completely confident teaching a full class on your own. During the intern instructor program, you may shadow our parties, Intro to Pole, Open Pole, and all pole-level classes. You may also participate in Mindbody training and/or any customized training needed.

· The Practical Exam: After completing the required Intern Instructor Program, trainees will move on to the practical exam. This portion of the training will bring back “role-play” with real in-class scenarios you may have seen during the Intern Instructor Program. The practical exam is graded, and a passing score is required for certification.

Upon completion of the Practical Exam, all successful graduates will receive a framed certificate. Those desiring a teaching position with PoleFit Carolinas must be an active member for a minimum of 6-12 months, depending upon pole level and experience, and class openings to be considered. Graduates are not guaranteed a teaching position with PoleFit Carolinas.


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