PoleFit Charlotte Carolinas

PoleFit Carolinas is just what it sounds like, Pole Fitness for Charlotte women who want a fun alternative to lifting weights or running on a treadmill.  If you’re looking tone your body, build muscle, increase flexibility, or strengthen your core while boosting your confidence and re-discovering your sensual side, our Charlotte Pole Fitness classes can help check all those off your list.  We want to offer a safe, non-judgmental space for all women to explore this amazing alternative workout.

We have twelve poles throughout our 3,500 square foot studio with twelve Certified instructors as well.  All our instructors are well versed in pole fitness and have a combined 50 years’ experience in the dance, pole dance, and pole fitness field(s).  They are excited to share their knowledge and skills with every woman who walks through our studio doors.  Consistently rated #1 for Charlotte Pole Fitness, PoleFit really has something for everyone.  Segway between our variety of fitness classes, to pole dance classes to finding a new more FUN way to get in shape.

PoleFit Carolinas looks forward to bringing out a healthier you in mind and body.   Nothing wrong with allowing yourself a place for some much needed “me” time.  Tap into your sensual side again through this fun alternative way to work out.  Please don’t hesitate; call PoleFit Carolinas today at 704-895-7606 to schedule your introductory pole fitness class in Charlotte.