Pole Dance Charlotte Huntersville

Integrating core strengthening, flexibility, and dance, PoleFit Carolinas is dedicated to teaching each one of our clients the benefits of pole fitness in Huntersville, NC.  With over 50 years of combined experience in dance and pole dance, our Charlotte instructors are some of the best in the business, allowing PoleFit Carolinas to be rated the #1 pole dance studio in Charlotte!

In our Charlotte area pole dance classes, we focus on starting our clients with the basics and instructing them on how to work their way up the pole AND to a becoming stronger, leaner more healthier you.  Building your confidence, strengthening your core, and improving your flexibility from our Charlotte pole dance classes gives our clients a new found workout and way of life.  From shoeless exotic pole dancing, to pole dancing classes on how to dance in high heels, PoleFit Carolinas offers something for every woman.

Some of us just prefer to dance and spin, no inverting or climbing!  The Spins and Spin Transitions pole dancing class includes: Spin Combos, Static or Spin Pole Spins, Momentum Spins, Power Spins and Lifted Spins. You name it, Spins got it!  Ditch your boring spin class for a better “spin” class that your husband is guaranteed to watch the kids for.

In addition to all the incredible pole dancing classes from our talented and experienced instructors, PoleFit offers monthly workshops for Naughty Lap, Chair, Burlesque, Twerk, Strip Tease and more!  Participation for Members is at a discounted fee and non-members are always welcome.  Sometimes, we have Regional and International Pros come to our studio to teach a variety of specialty courses in Huntersville pole dance, as well.  Don’t miss out on any one of our amazing classes; call and schedule your pole dancing class in our Charlotte area studio today.

PoleFit Carolinas wants to makes sure all clients are comfortable and know their abilities when first starting out, which is why we also offer several introductory pole dance classes in Charlotte.  Just looking to get your feet wet?  Come see what Pole Fitness is all about. We’ll introduce you to the sensual elements of pole dancing for fitness, teach you a sexy pole routine, and give you a demo of the amazing things you will learn if you continue your pole journey with us! Bare feet is preferred for this 60 minute class.  Know someone who might be interested?  Consider giving the gift of pole dance lessons by purchasing a gift card ahead of time for a friend, loved one, or your significant other. PoleFit Carolinas guarantees you won’t regret your choice to take our classes, or to give them as a gift to someone you love.

We want to ensure each of our clients has the opportunity to experience this amazing and unique workout for women and have fun while doing it.  All our instructors have a background in dance, pole dance, and fitness, and are Pole Certified.  They aremotivating, knowledgeable, and full of tips and tricks to get you to the level of complete comfort in your own skin with pole dance.  Consistently rated the #1 Charlotte pole dance classes studio, come check out why PoleFit Carolinas has this title.  Trust us, you won’t be disappointed (or bored), and you’re sure to find an exhilarating class that suits your needs and skill level, be it brand new beginner or advanced.

Our mission is to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where women can work out in a studio that offers fun, fitness, challenge, support, motivation, and make new friendships with like-minded individuals.  Charlotte pole dance is a healthy addiction that offers fast results.  Re-discover your confidence and sensuality while building muscle, toning your body, and enjoying weight loss.  Whatever your goal is for pole dance classes in Charlotte, you’ll find it at PoleFit Carolinas. Don’t wait, become a healthier you in mind and body TODAY!

PoleFit offers memberships, gift cards, and even schedules parties for your bachelorette parties and birthday parties.  We are open 7 days a week with morning and evening classes, so we can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. Our classes really are for everyone.  With soft lighting, hardwood floors, twelve poles and an equal amount of instructors, our beautifully decorated studio is just waiting for you to come tear up the dance floor.  Our stocked retail store offers comfortable pole clothing and stilettos for you to get into the sexy state of mind and pole dance your heart out.

What are you waiting for?  If you’re still not convinced pole dance is for you, come check out our studio and find out why pole dance classes in Huntersville are for everyone.  If you’re looking for more information, please give us a call at 704-895-7606, or stop in to schedule your introductory pole dance class today.