Judy Storey, Owner is an avid tennis player. 10 years ago she nearly died of an illness and was hospitalized for 2 months. In her long road to recovery, she quickly realized that tennis was too harsh on her weakened body. She searched for a fitness program that would rebuild her strength and muscles. She stumbled upon Pole Dancing for Fitness and decided to give it a try. Within a short period of time, through dedication and support from the wonderful women that surrounded her, she regained her muscle tone and strength and now in the best shape of her life at 56 years old! Pole Dancing also brought back her sexy “MoJo! Seeing this transformation for herself encouraged her to open her own Pole Fitness Studio here in Charlotte. She’s been teaching Pole Fitness for over 8 years now and enjoys watching women of ALL ages transform their bodies and rejuvenate their “MoJo”!

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1st place (Level 4 Championship) 2016 PSO Southern Pole Championships
4th place (Professional) 2017 PSO Triangle Pole Championships
1st place (Amateur) USPDF Battle for Armageddon

Hali Sgueglia was a competitive gymnast for 10 years during her childhood and teenage years. After having her son in 2012, she began looking for a type of workout that would get her back into shape fast. She wanted something that would be fun and challenging enough to keep her interest long term and produce quick results. She found pole fitness in 2013 and quickly became addicted to the sport and was ecstatic when PoleFit Carolinas offered her the opportunity to share her amazing talent on the pole with others. She is now a pole competitor with the above accomplishments! She love to inspire moms like herself to find a pole journey of their own.


1st Place (Level 2 Dramatic) Pole Sport Organization Competition 2017 

Tiffany Baker, Studio Manager had no dancing background, little flexibility and sure didn’t know how to be sexy, but she knew that pole dancing for fitness would teach her all those things and it did! She moved to North Carolina in 2015, found PoleFit Carolinas and has flourished there ever since. She has gained confidence, strength and sensuality. She became an instructor at the beginning of 2017, and fell in love with teaching women how to develop their own style. She began competing and won first place at her first competition. “I’ll never forget the day I came for my first intro to pole class, it changed my life forever!”


Taylor Dickerson, Studio Assistant is a 24-year-old yoga lover who started pole fitness in 2015. When she was much younger, she was a dancer. Later she enjoyed running cross country, track, and playing tennis but always wanted to find her way back into dance in her adult years. A coworker suggested that she come to an Intro to Pole class. Taylor instantly fell in love with pole fitness and found that her flexibility helped her progress quickly. She finished her Pole Instructor Certification in June of 2016 and also her Certification as a Pole Silks Instructor and has been an inspiring Instructor for PoleFit Carolina’s and a Studio Assistant. She plans to compete in her first competition in 2018.


1st Place (Level 3 Exotic) Pole Sport Organization Competition 2017 

Makayla Freeman began her pole journey with PoleFit Carolinas in 2014. As an aspiring fine art student and pianist, she decided that pole fitness would not only be a fun way to get in shape but would also fill her love of the arts! In Makayla’s early teens, she developed a stomach disease that took a toll on her health. She has come to realize that being active through pole has really put her disease in check! When she began her journey at PFC she had no prior dance background, but she quickly progressed with the freedom of movement dance offers and is now a Certified Pole Fitness Instructor. She won her first pole competition and continues to pursue even more. She enjoys guiding other women in their fitness journey.

poleshoot071016rds5407fin1 Heather Rushing is an adventurous soul that has always enjoyed activities that push her physical and mental boundaries.From gymnastics to karate, to whitewater rafting and rock climbing.  She was searching for quite some time to find an indoor rock climbing gym when she came across pole dance lessons and decided to try it out.  Almost 3 years later, she is Loving it!  Heather enjoys the blend of physical exertion, mental challenge and artistic expression that the art of pole has to offer.  She now shares her zeal, love, and passion for pole at Polefit Carolinas with women of all ages.

Laura DeWitt grew up working on a farm in upstate NY. In 2004 she started working at a desk and gained all the health issues that come with sitting all day and eating poorly. In 2009 she read about pole fitness and decided she needed to check it out. After her first class she fell in love. She learned how to love herself again. Pole dancing offered her confidence and an added bonus of strong muscles and good health. She needed to share her passion with the world and began teaching fitness pole dance in 2012. After she had her daughter in 2013 she needed to fuel her fire of knowledge for a healthier life and became certified in Iyengar Yoga, Kid’s Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and now is a Certified Pole Instructor too!  


Alicia McNaughton is Carolina girl growing up in the mountains of North Carolina. She moved to Charlotte for college. She started dancing at the early age of 2 and has competed and taught dance ever since. Her background is in Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop. She became a Pole Instructor with PoleFit Carolinas when they first opened back in 2010. She combines her love of dance and movement with pole and has not only flourished individually, but offers popular classes that are booked solid every single week! Alicia recently became a Mom of a beautiful baby boy and loves inspiring women/Mom’s to take care of themselves through the love of Pole and Dance.


Amber Lowe is a native to Charlotte. She has Bachelor of Arts degree from UNC Charlotte. Her passion has been dance since a little girl. Amber has over 15 years of dance experience and has competed for 10 years. In addition she has also been a dance instructor for over 12 years, instructing all age groups. Her focus was tap, but has studied jazz, ballet, and contemporary. “I have such a passion for different styles of dance that I want to help women with or without any dance background have a “Chance to Dance”. Hence, the name of the class Alicia and Amber teach together! Amber also started with PoleFit Carolinas in the very beginning and enjoys sharing the love of pole and dance combined.

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Sarah Faulkner is a dancer at heart, with 20 plus years of dance training.  She was instantly attracted to pole and expanding her dance experience.  With ballet, modern, jazz, and tap dance under her belt, applying each style of dance to her poling is both exciting and challenging!  Dance gave her “sassy”, while pole helped her find her “sexy”.  For Sarah, pole is about expression and taking control of your sensuality.  She looks forward to teaching the beauty in pole and smashing the notion that pole dancing is taboo.  Sarah teaches our “Ballet Barre Bombshell” class which helps students to learn beautiful lines, pointed toes and core strength.

Gillian Pantone taught ballroom and salsa dance classes in Fayetteville, NC. Gillian moved to Colorado in 2007 and started pole dancing in 2013 due to watching a video by “Anastasia Skukhtorova”. She was amazed by how fluid her dance was. She took one pole class and was immediately hooked as most are. She began teaching private pole lessons and then took a year off to have a baby. She encourages everyone to try pole. Pole Fitness truly puts you in touch with a side that you don’t often get in touch with. Strength, Sensuality, Confidence and Empowerment. Gillian has been with PoleFit Carolinas for a year now!

Mica Gamble started her journey with PoleFit Carolinas at the beginning of 2016. As an ex-gymnast, horseback rider and softball player, she found it difficult to commit to going to the “boring” gym. However, when she tried pole fitness, she instantly fell in love with the workout like most do. Pole fitness not only got her back in shape after the birth of her son – but it has strengthened her every muscle as she works toward a career in firefighting. Because pole fitness has influenced her life so much, she now realizes that she has a new passion to help others achieve their fitness goals and feel the same sense of accomplishment that she now does.

T Takeila Fox loves living an active lifestyle. She is a Pole Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Performer and Athlete passionate about fitness and dance. She has spent the past 6 years traveling, performing, training and instructing to share her knowledge and experience of Pole Fitness. Her goal is to introduce others to the alternative fitness style called, “Pole Fitness”. When Takeila became a Mother, she decided to take time off to be with her son. When she was ready to make her way back into the “Pole Fitness & Dance” scene… she chose PoleFit Carolinas as her #1 home studio. She now works independently with PoleFit Carolinas and others offering her signature workshops, private lessons, and parties.