INTRO TO POLE   (Pole Virgins)
Learn foundational moves of pole including basic spins, sensual dance transitions, floor work and more! You will get a great workout and will learn a sexy, fun pole routine by the end of class. This class can be taken as often as you like till you are comfortable with the moves and ready to move. Learn at your own pace!
(Example: Roundabout, Fireman Spin, Mermaid Spin, Martini Spin, Hip Dips, & much more)

POLE – LEVEL ONE   (Beginners – After Intro)
Here is where you receive your first “Achievement Card”. These cards will help you to keep track of what you have learned and as each movement is achieved, you will get instructor signatures on the moves you have accomplished. Now you will perfect not only what you learned in Intro, but even more foundational pole spins & moves. This level introduces a variety of dance genres with pole. First you will be taught individual moves then you will experience the flow of what you have learned in choreographed sequences.
(Example: Figure 4 spin, Double Hook Spin, Faint, Heavy Hair, Sexy ups, & more)

Pole Movement Fundamentals  (Level 1-3)
This class is for the beginner who wants to learn the mechanics of pole movement.  These learned skills will enhance your fundamental understanding of spins, moves, etc… making your pole experience and the physics of it make learning more, easier.

POLE – LEVEL TWO   (Beyond Beginner)
Take your spins, floor work, dance transitions and pole moves to the next level in this class. Learn forward and reverse spins, push-pull moves, intro lifted moves, pole sit and begin to learn the art of climbing the pole! This class also focuses on learning to combine different spins and moves with dance and fluidity.
(Example: Back Hook Spin, Stag Spin, Captain Hook, Wilted Flower, Passe Twirl, Pirouette & More)

POLE – LEVEL THREE   (Intermediate)
Your upper body and core are ready now for one-handed spins and spin combos. Learn more intricate dance moves, floor work and transitions. The next phase of pole poses is introduced. You will be perfecting your climb (and learning different ways of climbing) as well as learning to do a basic invert and chopper! Power spins, controlled moves and poses are also a part of this level in addition to exposure to more choreography of what you have learned in class.
(Example: Jasmine, Chair, and Blind Hand Grab Spins, Corkscrew, Fan kick to Sit, Cabaret & More)

POLE – LEVEL FOUR   (Intermediate – Advanced)
Now you are ready for this level of spins and moves requiring control and power. Fluidity and transitions are a focus for enhanced beauty and form on the pole. Pole poses and combos are taught, along with “drop” combos, floor to pole transitions, strength moves, aerial inverts, side climbs and poses with far less contact points.
(Example: Leg Hangs, Butterfly, Cupid, Juliet Spin, Jasmine Drop, Shoulder Mount & More)

POLE – LEVEL FIVE   (Advanced)
You’ve worked hard to complete all Achievement Cards through Level Four. You’ve now developed your own style, and will learn complex combinations as well as strength holds, power spin combos, and will be challenged with creating combos yourself.
(Example: Ayehsa, Iron-X, Flex Moves & Poses, & Much More)

Open Pole Practice   (All Levels)
Need more time to practice the weekly curriculum or some of those challenging moves you are still working on? Well, join us for our practice class. You choose what you want to work on and the Instructor will be there to assist you.

Yoga-to-Pole   (All Levels)
With a well-rounded mix of physical action to increase flexibility, strength, alignment, coordination and confidence, students will learn how to connect their breath with their movement as they flow into each pose. This class also comes with a lot of hands on adjustments to help students notice how proper alignment feels in their body. This will help to improve their pole routine with better controlled climbs, poses and inverts. Since everyone’s body is different, the use of blocks and straps are highly encouraged. This will ensure proper alignment, core engagement, muscle stability and not just sinking into ones flexibility.

CHAIRisma   (All Levels)
Come explore the Art of Chair Dance! Enjoy learning sassy, sexy, flirty and daring routines with this versatile prop – the chair.  Multiple dance styles incorporated and no experience is necessary. Come in ready to unleash the wonderful you and have fun,all while getting a great workout.

Ballet Barre Bombshell  (Level 2+)
This unique class is structured more like a classical ballet class starting with a warm up and fun barre workout. You will learn how to apply beautiful movement like ballet and other forms of dance with pole. Focus is on musicality and beautiful lines. A mix of classical and modern music make this class always creative.

HOT n’ Heels   (Level 3)
This class combines pole work and floor work in HEELS! Learn weekly dance choreography that will not only get you comfortable in heels, but will take your sexy movements up a level to HOTNESS! No street shoes/heels please – stilettos only.

Core-tastic  (All Levels)
Choreographed and non-choreographed core flow workout. Awakens and engages the body’s powerhouse through various strength, conditioning, balance and stabilizing movements. Low to intermediate intensity.

Strength & Conditioning  (All Levels)
Find new inspiration in this amazing strengthening class. You will not only build, flex and tone your body, but you will no doubt burn calories! Taking this class on a regular basis will assist with injury prevention and help increase your stamina and strength and you will learn proper fitness techniques along the way.

Interval Strength Training  (All Levels)
You will be warmed up and go through a series of pole strengthening drills and brief rest periods. The purpose is to keep your heart rate elevated near the aerobic level to ensure amazing strength and endurance. Further exploration of sequencing and transitions to the pole will also be taught in this class.

Relax-Release-Restore  (All Levels)
A Head to toe relaxing stretch class that will definitely relieve those aching muscles that have worked so hard on the pole or in our exercise classes. This class is just what the “BODY” calls for and will certainly increase flexibility and range of motion.

Stretch for Flex  (All Levels)
You’ve worked hard in your other classes… but let’s not forget about stretching your muscles. This class will increase flexibility, help to prevent injury and allow your body to recover and become stronger. Your lines on the pole will also be enhanced by this class.

The Joy of Form  (Level 1-2)
Sensuous Pole Dance Movement 101 – Still a beginner, then this class is for you!  This class helps beginners learn and understand embellishments and basic technique they will use throughout their entire pole dance experience. Learn the building blocks of movement in heels, transitions, making shapes with your body, floor work and unleashing your freestyle.

Exotic Flow Fitness  (Level 2+)
This class starts with a thorough warm up. You will then go through some very effective strength training drills focusing on the body parts specifically used in pole. Then on go the HEELS as you will learn how to move fluidly at the base level of your pole… floor movement to pole in a continuous motion that is not only beautiful but exotic!

Power Pole Training  (Level 4-5)
This class is for the athlete in you! This advanced class offers a conditioning warm-up that will enhance your athletic performance.  Then we will focus on learning advanced power moves to perfection. You will gain strength and control as well by taking this class.

Special Workshops
We also schedule a monthly workshops for Naughty Lap, Chair, Burlesque, Belly Dancing and more!  Participation for Members is at a discounted fee and non-members are always welcome.  Sometimes we have Regional and International Pros come to our studio to teach a variety of specialty courses as well.